Our storystarted with the community

For over 40 years, Tano Williams has had his hand in the food industry. After years of working in the corporate restaurant world, he and his wife, Gina, longed to own their own place, again. This journey began with a catering business out of their home kitchen. After quickly outgrowing their own kitchen, they renovated a historic building in December of 2009, in downtown Loveland. Built in 1870 and originally a hardware store called Sparks Hardware, it was also home to various retails shops and a tea room before becoming a 44-seat restaurant. The following year, the restaurant expanded into the space next door by adding a bar and patio, increasing their seating to 100. Business was good and rhythms were developed for staff and patrons of Tano Bistro.

On May 28, 2017, Tano Bistro and the apartment building next to it succumbed to a large fire. What many might have looked at as failure and reason to walk away, Tano and Gina saw as an opportunity to revamp the space they, and so many of Loveland’s residents, have come to love. After the building was purchased by the Williams’, the work of restoring the restaurant began.

The Tano Bistro of today has doubled in size with three different floors, all offering dining and bar experiences. Tano and Gina credit their community for the beginning, middle, and ongoing story of Tano Bistro. The family-like environment for both their staff and patrons will continue to be the heartbeat of why they do what they do – provide high-quality culinary experiences with food whose histories are known before they hit your plate. Through culinary research, dedicated customer service, and cultivating an environment where everyone knows someone, Tano is excited to welcome you in and make you feel at home.

Simply Made to Matter

We believe in making wholesome food naturally and responsibly – quite simply because it’s better for all of us.

Family Farmers

We have sought out
like minded farmers locally.
By knowing who and where our
food comes from we can establish a
trusting relationship with regards to how
our food is produced.


Rich Vegetables

Regional is best, local is better. Environmentally sustainable farming practices are the past and future of farming.

Good Fats

Not all fats are bad. Natural fats like butter, tallow and olive oil are good ones. Good for our hearts and good for the soul, we choose to use good fats.

Sensible Seafood

Using the standards set by Seafood
Watch as our guide we work with
our purveyors to select seafood
that is consciously sourced,
with a focus on
sustainable practices.

Meaningful Meat

The best quality meats are the ones that lived the best quality lives and are fed responsibly. We never use meats that have hormones and antibiotics. From bones for stock to nutritious fats, each critter is used in a myriad of ways.

Lasting Memories

The conscious preparation of our menu not only satiates our appetites; it has the potential to awaken our most basic memories and desires, to strengthen our connection to nature, and ultimately, enrich our community and culture.

Simple Whole Grains

From the smallest seeds grow the basic building blocks of our culture and cuisine. We adhere to procuring clean, preferably heirloom and stoneground, chemical free grains.